Skeem Saam: How It Ends for Pretty Seakamela

Skeem Saam: How It Ends for Pretty Seakamela

Let’s play a little game called How This End for Pretty Seakamela. If you are a woman in South Africa you are about to score 10 out of 10 in the reimagining of the story of Pretty Seakamela and how it will surely end for her with the case she has against Nimza. 

Firstly, the evidence against Nimza will disappear, much like the police docket always go missing. No one ever makes copies of these things and all evidence can and has been disappearing from evidence lockers since time immemorial. All you need really is just smarts and a few connections in the police force. 

So here is how it ends for Pretty Seakamela – What will surely happen here is that Pretty will be called a liar by everyone who is involved, especially the evidence goes missing. The University will say it is negligence on their part but have not much really to do because you know at the end of the day, Universities are places of learning and not courthouses. 

John Maputla might be accused of not handling the proceedings well enough and when Pretty demands a second hearing, upon review of the last one and understanding that she was mistreated during the entire process; everyone will remember that she opened a case against Nimza at the police station and accuse her of flaking and therefore. There is already the issue of jealousy hanging over her head and surely the disappearance of evidence will not help her case. 

She will experience further slut-shaming, that surely, she lured Nimza with her provocative pictures and when she should not handle the heat decided that she will open a case against him.

Pretty’s community will ostracize her. They will put up all types of reasoning to give merit to their ill-treatment of her. They will dig up her past and even probe into her previous sexual acts. If anything, this will not end well for Pretty. 


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