Skeem Saam: Leshole Soldiers On

Skeem Saam: Leshole Soldiers On

Skeem Saam: Leshole Soldiers On

A few years ago, viewers were up in arms about Leshole’s character on Rhythm City, urging the writers of the show to seek for him a different direction and storyline.

They had felt that he has suffered enough and that he deserves a break to just enjoy his life and have good things happen to him.

It was such a wonderful thing to see him come to that realisation on his own and pursue the good things. Except it was worrying that he chose alcohol as his vice. Sure, we all have our own vices but Leshole’s father is a drunkard.

Big Boy was hardly the father that Leshole needed and it was mainly because of his alcoholism. It made him a terrible person and he was the type of man and father the community shunned.

Leshole is now a qualified pilot and should his luck stricke again, he will be flying aeroplanes and helicopters soon, but what with his new found vice? How will it change his life, this sudden desire to “enjoy life to the fullest”?

He still requires a lot of mentoring and monitoring but he hardly has anyone in his corner; people he would like to be like, anyway.

It is a welcome change that Leshole realises that he is worthy of a good life. It is wonderful that he sees himself as someone who can be extraordinary but what does that mean in the reality of things?

How well will he cope when money runs out or when the offers for flying take time to come? Leshole is a wonderful guy and respectful person (even though MaNtuli does not think so).

It will be heart wrenching to see him lose himself to the bottle. It would be hard to see him fall into ways that he has avoided his entire life.

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