Skeem Saam: What Makes A Good Husband?

Skeem Saam: What Makes a Good Husband?

Skeem Saam: What Makes a Good Husband?

Skeem Saam– If anything, Mokgadi Matloga has known to play since we got to know her as the nosy journalist, is the damsel in distress. Whether or not she is in deep unimaginable trouble, Mokgadi loves a good cry, she loves being the one to get the most attention.

Perhaps it comes with being an only child, spoilt with money but given very little attention in life. We can all see that Mary hardly ever has time to really mother. She would much rather throw money at problems and see who catches what first and let that be the end of it.

Well, it is this type of mothering that has birthed and incredibly needy adult that doesn’t seem to know how to get herself out of trouble and live trouble free. No wonder Leeto left.

Well, sure it was also that she has criminal tendencies and has parental guilt that she spoils her son so much she cannot see past his criminality.

Listen we all want to occasionally chastise Mokgadi for being so annoying. It is of no surprise then that viewers much like the person reading here enjoy that Leeto has left the mess that is the Matloga family, but also the annoyance that is Mokgadi and her Boyza.

Leeto refusing to help Mokgadi in their most recent running in with the law, was such a delight to watch because firstly, (ungenaphi?) also knows as the popular isiXhosa phrase denoting the very necessary need for people to mind their own busines and keep it moving.

Leeto keeping it moving is such a favourite thing, to watch, one would like him to remain as stern in his decision and frankly to never have to deal with Mokgadi ever again, outside of this pending divorce.

Do you know what though? The Matloga’s have a very intimate entanglement with drama so unfortunately for the Maputla first born, he will have to buckle up because no way Mary won’t want to implicate her in this drama, she and Noah are in.

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