Somizi Responds On S.ex Life With Mohale

Somizi Responds On S.ex Life With Mohale

Somizi Respons On S.ex Life With Mohale

Somizi delivered a vicious clap back on an internet troll for his husband, Mohale Motaung Mhongo on Tweeter.

The troll had tried to be funny concerning their se_x life.

This was after Somizi and Mohale posted spring pictures, wearing their tiny shorts whilst embracing.

One tweep threw a very personal and rather offensive question about the couple’s se_x life

Wrote the tweep in Zulu

“I’m confused here. Who f***s who when things are like these men?”

Somizi then responded both in Zulu and English for extra punch  asking the tweep why he was so interested in their se_x life and went to suggest that the tweep wanted in on some of the action.

“It’s simple bafo isho ukuthi ufuna ukub***** hubani phakathi kwethu … ngoba le****e olibuzayo alizukwisa ndawo … and don’t tell me you are straight because no straight, smart guy would be so invested in homosexual se_x life. Please don’t choose me as you can see the type of guys I’m into,”

Somizi once clapped back at straight and homophobic men who are so interested in his se_x life and demanded to know why heterosexual men are so obsessed about his homosexual relationship with his husband.

Bafazi maybe u can balance me quick….what is the obsession with my relationship with Mohale my husband from “straight guys” yerrrrr they’re touched maan u wud swear they’re waiting for us to break up and fill his place f*ck it’s annoying I’d be worried if I was a lady dating a guy who is so invested in a homosexual relationship moves

He went on to say the very same guys who criticize him are pining for him secretly.

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