A Soshanguve man is wallowing in excruciating pain and regretting the day he ate eggs looted from a local tuck-shop owned by an Ethiopian immigrant.

Reports hitting iMzansi news desks are that the man(identity withheld) currently admitted at the local hospital, is now ‘pooping’ eggs as it were, each time he wants to do number two in the toilet.

This larger than life development which is baffling doctors-who are claiming they have never encountered anything of the kind- is said to be the ‘handiwork’ of the Ethiopian whose tuckshop was looted.

We are told that the Ethiopian gentleman is now going about bragging about his powerful muti.

He has reportedly issued spine chilling threats that he will be ‘releasing’ more jaw-dropping punitive measures to fix all the people who stole from his shop.

Already there are unconfirmed reports that one of the women in the area already has live fish popping out of her backside much to the shock of her relatives.

Developing story, more to follow….



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