South African lady ‘fixes’ her Zimbabwean cheating bae

A jilted South African woman has taken the ultimate revenge on her ‘lover’. What started as an affair filled with lovie dovies and love making ended in horror after the woman started posting their n_ude photos in revenge.

Sources on the ground suggest that the Zimbabwean man who is a truck driver by profession and based in South Africa formed a relationship with the South African lady. All went well until the lady became pregnant.

Soon after telling her Zimbabwean man that she was pregnant, the man became elusive and planned an emergency journey to Zimbabwe. The lady understood. However, four months down the line, the man had not communicated with his lover back in South Africa or indicated when he would be back. The woman became worried and decided to search for her man on facebook. Lo and behold, she discovered that her man was actually married and had three children  back in Zimbabwe. His wall was filled with his official wife and children.

This did not go down well with the lady who then devised a plan to fix the cheater. She browsed through her phone image gallery found the perfect ammunition. During the times they shared together, the couple had developed a habit of taking photos of their passionate encounters.

The scorned woman went on to the cheating man’s facebook wall and uploaded all the images of their times together. Images of the couple cuddling, making love and doing all sorts of hunky panky eventually found themselves plastered on the man’s wall. His relatives got the shock of their lives as he is a rather well respected man in the community and church.

To add salt to injury, the South African woman tagged the man’s wife.

Source : iMzansi


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