We’ve seen a great deal in 2016, but one person who has been conspicuously absent is Afrikaans singer and celebrity, Steve Hofmeyr

We haven’t had the madness of Red October, nor have we seen too many controversial comments from the outspoken character. That is, until very recently … Steve is back to stir the pot up and it’s like he never left!

Hofmeyr caught our attention when he appeared recently in the Citizen, claiming that he is a true African. He also hailed certain aspects of life under apartheid, and claimed that people try to pigeonhole him as a “right winger”.

He said, ““People would like to stereotype me as one of those old right wingers; there’s no Eugene [Terre’Blanche] to shoot, so we’ve got to find somebody else and then, ‘Ah, there’s Steve Hofmeyr, he’s a white Afrikaner and he’s Afrikaans and he says nice things about the race that we hate, so why not pick on him?'”

If this weren’t controversial enough, he came back for seconds to claim that his ancestral roots are older than those of most black people

“I can actually trace my roots back in South Africa further than most black people can, because they only learned to read and write 100 years ago.”

Really. Like he never left.

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