A man has shocked people with his unbelievable display of shamelessness after walking na_ked into a bus.

Pictures from eyewitnesses show the really bizarre moment the man stepped on the bus in the state

The stunned driver couldn’t believe his eyes and immediately asked the man if he was crazy.

He then casually strolled back to the other side of the bus and stepped inside – exposing himself to the driver.

I asked him again, “Are you crazy? You have no clothes on, you could get arrested by the police”



Apparently not fussed, the man stepped onto the bus and began walking down the vehicle.

This caused some dissent among fellow passengers who felt ill at ease with this display.
Everyone on the bus asked him if he was crazy and he ignored them or just laughed out loud in one instance.

A concerned passenger then called the police and you won’t believe what the man said.

He had lost a dare with his friends and his punishment was to walk na_ked in public transport.

Sure didn’t see this one coming!

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