A volatile Bloemfontein teenager took teen rebellion a bit too far when he contracted the services of a former convict and street thug to frighten his parents.
What started out as a plot to intimidate his parents ended with them dead.

Kobus De Kok a 16 year old from a Bloemfontein farm decided to capitalize on the brutal farm killings by staging a robbery. According to the police report the teenager needed vast amounts of money which he knew his parents kept in the house in order to buy motorcycle.

“He is such a spoiled and self entittled boy, his parents gave him everything but he is such an ungrateful lad” a grief stricken relative of the family said.

According to Kobus, the motorcycle was meant to be used for racing games with his friends at one of their farms.

“He asked his parents for a motorcycle but they wouldn’t let him have one. He must’ve got the idea from school or a movie to hire someone to make it look like a robbery” the police spokesperson Mr Pathiso Thebe said in a press statement.

What the hired robber didn’t count on was that Kobus’ father would fight back and the whole thing ended up in a gross crime scene with both parents dead.

We couldn’t get a comment from Kobus himself as his lawyer instructed the teenage not to say anything as he is still a minor so he gets protection from the law in that regards.

Several social commentators feel a lot of minors are being exposed to violence on TV or social media and there is serious need for regulation in which there are exposed

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