Khuzani Mpungose Quits AwardsKhuzani Mpungose Quits Awards And Competitions [Image: @khuzani_mpungose/Instagram]

Maskandi sensation Khuzani Mpungose quits awards and competitions, urging his devoted fans to refrain from nominating him for future accolades.

The 34-year-old artist from Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, expressed his desire to allow other musicians to get recognition.


The Song Of The Year Drama

Khuzani, known for his multi-award-winning track “Umjolo Lowo,” recently clinched the Ukhozi FM Ingoma Ehlukanisa Unyaka with nearly a million votes, causing a stir among fans with differing preferences. During the crossover from 2023 to 2024, when his song claimed the number one spot on Ukhozi FM, some listeners expressed disappointment, as they had hoped for rival Mthandeni Manqele’s “Paris” or Dlala Thukzin’s “iPlan” to take the lead.

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When his song emerged winner at a Ukhozi FM event on 31 December 2023, the audience booed him.


Khuzani Mpungose Quits Awards And Competitions

Khuzani Mpungose Quits Awards
Khuzani Mpungose Quits Awards And Competitions [Image: @khuzani_mpungose/Instagram]


Despite winning the Best Maskandi at the 2023 SAMAs and securing the Ukhozi FM award twice (previously in 2021), Khuzani has decided to step back from the competition scene. He acknowledged the overwhelming support from his loyal fan base and emphasised the need to create space for others. Khuzani told Daily Sun:

“My fans don’t talk too much, but when they vote. They vote to win. That’s why I decided to bow down for now and give others a chance. I’ll see which talented musician is nominated in competitions, and I’ll ask my fans to vote for that person.” 

Khuzani observed a trend where his consistent victories overshadowed the recognition of other musicians, diminishing excitement within competitions. He believes that by removing himself from the equation, he is creating opportunities for fresh talents to gain recognition without being overshadowed by his dominance.

“I just realised that there’s no musician who can win if he/she is competing with me in the competition. Winning of the same person just decreases the hype of the competition. I noticed that there’ll be many musicians who’ll get fame only to lose it without having achieved any award because I’m taking it all,” he stated.

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