Rhythm City: The Khuses Deserve A Break!

The Khuses Deserve a Break!

The Khuses Deserve a Break!

Before our beloved mam Blossom, we had mme Mamokete who was Bra Kop doting wife and the two loved each other until the day Kete (as everyone lovingly called her) passed on.

Theirs was a relationship based solely on botho, or what South Africans call Ubuntu which is the principle of treating every human being you encounter, fairly, kindly and with respect and comsideration.

The Khuses have been praying people, a family set on Christian values that have been the guiding light since the days they were still raising Tshidi and Stone.

Children whose lives were stacked against the odds that did not necessarily favour them. Children with big dreams growing up in a township riddled by crime and poverty with parents giving them every fighting chance they can in order for them to have a shot at their dreams.

Mamokete and Bra Kop represent to this day many families in the township that have gone through the most challenging situations yet come out stronger, although with some illnesses, lost money and heartache, but they prevail nonetheless. It has been both heart-warming and heart-breaking to watch the couple as they struggled to finally put Tshidi through medical school while making sure to protect her from all the evil and distractions that surrounded her.

After Mamokete’s passing, Bra Kop married a wife with a similar heart, a heart for the people, filled with love and intention. The couple has taken in many children in DK. They have raised Fats and Suffocate, they have taken in Puleng and cared for her child when she could not.

It is the picture of this resilient love that is so real and true to the South African reality of old couples and black families in the township. That there are people who just have the heart for this kind of love and endure it and they prevail.

Mapula and Kea are the youngest and most recent generation to experience this love, yet another challenging and complex situation the Khuses have to power through. Look, if there is any justice in this world, such people and families would be the first to win the lottery.

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