The River: Cobra Loses It All?

The River: Cobra Loses It All?

Paulina has been a wonderful source of support for Cobra during the hardest time of his life. His fight for custody touched may and brought to the fore the type of challenges that people face out there.

It added nuance to the struggles of parenting and made us aware as the viewers that it is not only mothers who are good and noble and that fathers can and do want to raise their children too.

It was during this time that we were learning that a new, old love blossomed. Or at least we thought. It was the hope that it brought that people can move past their mishaps and build anew. Cobra supported Paulina through her grief and Paulina was the pillar in that dirty battle.

Much like Dimpho we thought that she had forgiven and forgotten all that Cobra did. It was time and they were all turning a new leaf. Or so we thought?

Rakgadi did say that one can forgive but hardly do they forget. And man is Paulina’s memory still fresh? It was mildly embarrassing for everyone watching when he counted all the ways Cobra had hurt her and how she believes that she deserves better.

It is the fact that she has changed that is more significant. You could see that the decision she made was solely for herself and nobody else’s. Paulina paid no mind to what people would say and she stuck to her guns.

The decision to leave Cobra could not have been a good one. The decision to want better could not have been an easy one, but man, one cannot wait to see what comes from this level of self-love, what kind of transformation will happen to Paulina.

Perhaps better make up skills? Or maybe a bigger business, and if we’re being hopeful, new hair?

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