The River: Lindani’s Fall from Grace

The River: Lindani’s Fall from Grace

The River: Lindani’s Fall from Grace

The River: The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions! What on earth was Lindani doing trying to swoop in and save the day in a house owned by one of the most ruthless criminals in Pretoria? The sweet naïve charming guy fell to his death (or so we thought) trying to get Tumi to confess to a murder and you know what, maybe good riddance but who will clean up the mess? What’s next?

Lindani seemed to believe that justice being served meant that he had to be the one overlooking the process. Dumb of him though to think Lindiwe’s child would want to come clean. Isn’t Mabutho just the perfect gentleman and the real knight in shining armour though? He was adamant not to have his future makoti implicated in what I believe we will soon call an attempted murder.

Mabutho’s criminality is incredibly impressive and man isn’t he just the perfect match for his murderous future mother-in-law? That swift decision to go home and destroy evidence while Tumi stays at the hospital to play doting wife to her ailing husband- A grave annoyance I must say. When did she come to the sudden realisation that she is still married to Lindani, was it before or after the fall?

Should Lindani survive this attempt on his life, I don’t know if he should get a smack across the face (we do not advocate for violence here) for being so naïve, or be banished altogether from Gauteng and anywhere near the Dikana family and his cousin because, for a nice guy, trouble surely does know his address.

What has died though in that fall was definitely the brotherhood between Mabutho and Lindani and Beauty’s discovery of the truth, because Tumi’s constant blabbing threatens to bring us a lot of drama. Perhaps Lindani should just die in peace so no one ever learns the truth.

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