The River: Paulina Finds Her Brother Dead

The River: Paulina finds her brother dead

The River: Paulina finds her brother dead

The River: Tumi’s selfishness knows no bounds! Since Lindani suffered the seizure upon arrival in hospital, all Paulina was asking was for him to be put off the machines because it was clear and medically proven that he was brain dead. Tumi switching off the machines in Paulina’s absence was one of the most selfish moves she has ever made.

In the past 3 days, we have been taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions trying to figure out what will happen to Lindani. All the while his sister Paulina remained his advocate and selflessly spoke for him. As the wife, on paper anyway, Tumi was stuck in her grief that seemed to be filled with a tinge of guilt, as she seemed to have processing not only her decision to divorce Lindani, but the consequences of all those actions.

The River: Paulina finds her brother dead

At the centre of tonight’s episode, was Tumi’s grief and man, she gave a stellar performance in displaying all her emotions. As the viewers are left wondering, what now, as the Dikana’s gather to support their daughter what will become of Paulina, as the only person who ever really loved Lindani, protected him and stood up for him to his last day.

Tumi could have done so many things differently. One of them, and the most important could have been to call Paulina before she made the decision to switch off the machines. She could have given Paulina a chance to say goodbye in a dignified manner.

The River: Paulina finds her brother dead

Imagine begging and pleading with people to do the right thing and when the time finally comes that they make the right decision, they do not include you in the process? Tumi has a lot of reckoning to do. We hope that for her sake it is far from Refilwe and far from Paulina because at the second stage of grief, Paulina’s anger might make Tumi rue the day she ever took another look at Lindani.

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