The River: Twitter Spat Over Lindani’s Intubation

The River: Twitter Spat Over Lindani’s Intubation
Florence Masebe

The River: Twitter Spat Over Lindani’s Intubation

Veteran actress Florence Masebe took to the Twitter streets to lambast The River producers for not researching enough on how to correctly intubate Lindani in last week’s heart-wrenching episode where Lunga Shabalala gave his last performance and most importantly as her tweet suggests, acquire technical advice from medical practitioners for scenes like the one in question.

The River: Twitter Spat Over Lindani’s IntubationThe actress claims she got questions from the Doctors in her life about the scene and put it on Twitter so that the directors can answer for themselves on the matter. She put up screenshots from what looks like chats and Instagram stories discussing the drips and the incorrect medical procedures used to display the scene.

One viewer from the thread described the scene as shocking and disgusting; while another lamented on the money they pay to watch soapies on TV and feels like the lack of research is both disrespectful of the paying viewer and the medical profession at larger.

A suggestion came from the complaints that productions please acquire the services of health workers for scenes like that, just so that things look real and believable, especially to the educated audience, but also in order to educate the viewers who might not know.

In her thread, Masebe mentions how cops and lawyers also have the same issue with some of the manners in which they are portrayed, one of her followers weighed in and spoke about how she stopped watching one soapie because they suggested that kid’s shard the same father just because they had the same blood type.

Florence Masebe’s tweets weren’t met with the welcoming tone of most of her followers especially her industry colleagues. Bonga Percy Vilakazi, who is a creative producer on The River, working under Tshedza pictures, which is the production house responsible for the Soapie, mentioned his disappointment over the thread, expressing that because Masebe has direct access to them, then she should have addressed the issues directly with them. He responded to Masebe’s tweet:

“I am just disappointed that you chose to lambast us on twitter.”

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