Over the years, more and more women have made a name for themselves and increased the total wealth controlled by women in the world. It does not matter how they attained their status of being rich women, be it through inheritance or working for it. What matters, however, is the fact that women are big decision makers and play a role in wealth creation. Let’s look at some South African women who are better off than many of the South African men in terms of wealth.

10. Christine Ramon
Net-worth: R49, 67 Million


Since October of 2014, Christine Ramon has been the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Anglogold Ashanti Limited.

9. Mamphela Ramphele
Net-worth: R55 Million


Mamphela Ramphele has held many titles, including medical doctor and activist and researcher. She has also been in various top positions of management in companies such as Gold Fields, Circle Capital Ventures Limited, and Remgro Limited.

8. Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube
Net-worth: R94 Million


Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube currently holds the position of director and chairman in many different companies. She is also known for being the founder and the chairman of Women for Housing.

7. Judy Dlamini
Net-worth: R124 Million


According to Judy Dlamini, the only way to get wealthy is to focus, work hard, and be ambitious. She also said that creating wealth requires finding and pursuing something that you are passionate about. Judy Dlamini is currently the Chair of ASPEN Pharmacare Limited and Mbekani Investment Holdings Limited as well as many director positions at well-known organizations.

6. Elisabet Bradley
Net-worth: R332 Million


Elisabet Bradley is currently a Non-Executive Chairperson at Toyota SA Limited and also holds other top positions at various other organizations.



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