Sindisiwe Chikunga Robbery

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga Relives Traumatic Robbery Ordeal 

Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga shared a harrowing experience of being robbed in the early hours of Monday after her car’s tire blew out on the N3 highway between Vosloorus and Heidelberg.

Speaking in Parliament later that day, Chikunga described the incident as deeply traumatic. Initially, they tried to continue their journey after the tire burst, but they had to stop when the exposed wheel rim made it impossible to proceed.

“It was traumatising, devastating and bad. After the burst tyre, we drove quite a distance until the rim was on the road. So we had to stop to change the tyre,” she said.

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Traumatic Moments Unfold

Despite having two armed bodyguards with her during the tire change, three men wearing balaclavas approached them, brandishing guns. Chikunga, who was travelling with her brother, attempted to call the police when she heard a disturbance outside. However, the men swiftly entered the car, pointing a gun at her, and demanded money.

“It was three well dressed — not usual criminals. They forced me out, told me to sit and demanded money. They said, ‘we know you have money, give us your money’. They were speaking isiZulu but understood English. Decent boys, around the ages of late 20s, early 30s, fit. They also asked me who was my protector. That was strange as normal South Africans would say ‘bodyguards’, not ‘protectors’,” she said.

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Sindisiwe Chikunga Recounts Valiant Stand for a Precious Keepsake During Robbery

The assailants took the bodyguards’ firearms and other valuables. After ransacking the car, one of the robbers noticed Chikunga’s wedding ring.

“One saw my ring … he tried to take it but I refused. He pointed his firearm at me. I was scared he would shoot me because they had nothing to lose — they could shoot and kill and then run away. I told him it was the only thing I have between my late husband and myself and I value it so much. He said OK and left it. When they were leaving the one said, ‘There are police members here and I hate police. I feel like killing the police’. And then they left. I’m OK now but it was traumatising,” she said.

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