Tweeps slam Nota for his jab at local brands Bathu and Drip

Nota got tongues wagging after he took a jab at SA sneaker brands Bathu and Drip for apparently not manufacturing their products locally.

Taking to Twitter the retired music exec lambasted brands for not doing enough to create employment on home and said that things needed to change.

“Until Bathu, Drip etc start manufacturing locally instead of creating jobs in Asia & dumping job killing products at our ports. Enough is enough, we can’t support black businesses that exploit this economy that uses slave labour by making our workers compete with China & India.”

Nota’s views didn’t sit well with many tweeps, resulting in him topping the trends list on Thursday.

Podcaster Sol Phenduka went head-to-head with Nota, calling him out for having double standards when he was rapper Kwesta’s manager. He also reminded Nota that the brands he mentioned help people put food on the table.

“Nota, you flew in Wale and paid him for a feature and video shoot for your artist. All that money could have been invested locally on a local artist/s kodwa you took that money to America.”

Nota clapped back at Sol and told him he was using below matric reasoning.

“Sol. You’re using your grade 10 economics knowledge. This isn’t a pun. They are destroying jobs. They are destroying manufacturing. The jobs are being created in Asia not in SA. Employ 200 people what? Be paid minimum wage like most retail workers?”

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter :


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