A college professor at the University of Cape Town has been suspended after giving students a rather controversial test during their final exam.

In a bid to prepare them for real life, he, instead of giving them written exams questions, asked them to gulp down glasses of Mampoer,a potent spirit with an alcohol content of 50 percent in turns. He then graded them based on the number of gulps each took to finish his or her glass. Those who finished a full glass of the undiluted liquor in one gulp got a full 100 mark for their exam.

Those who could not drink failed. Photographs uploaded to social media showed that most of the students passed the test with flying colors! Several students were later reported to have been found in an inebriated state on campus. If the test was intended to be a joke, the institute’s deputy director did not see the humour in it; he suspended the Professor over the issue.



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