A popular Umtata prophet was accused of witchcraft and fraudulent prophecy after a tokoloshe which he used for his work was busted by a church member in an ukufemba ritual. The man, affectionately known as “umphrofethi Xolani ” was a member of the zionist sect of churches. Xolani is a well respected ‘man of God’ and had gained quite a huge following for ‘doing the Lord’s work’. His flair or dramatic miracles, exorcisms and restoration prayers garnered him a lot of attention from both well wishers and naysayers.

A pattern began to emerge among those he had helped. The prayer remedies he had given them only worked for a short time before their problems returned worse than ever. After feeling jilted one of them decided to seek the assistance of a powerful sangoma to help rid of his problem. Instead he was told he had been given bad luck in disguise by the prophet who had prayed for him. The aggrieved client contracted the services of the sangoma in a bid to bust this fake prophet Xolani.

The sangoma who uses a practice called “Ukufemba” to heal his clients agreed to find out the controlling force behind prophet Xolani’s miracle making. They disguised themselves as clients, that’s when all hell broke lose. The sangoma used Ukufemba and the ‘man of God’ Xolani fell on all fours and started writhing like a snake. His spirit began to speak through the sangoma and alas, it turned out to be a tokoloshe. It was a spectacle as prospective clients and church attendees discovered that they were being duped all along by the ‘prophet’. He wasn’t using the power of God but the power of a tokoloshe to assist them.

More drama followed as the duped church members got angry and wanted to resort to instant justice to the ‘prophet’ who tried to flee after the big secret was out. The police had to be called to restrain the angry mob and Xolani was taken away. The prophet didn’t last a few hours for he started vomiting blood shortly before he died.

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