Polygamist Musa Mseleku and his wives on ‘uThando Nes’Thembu’. Image via Twitter @MusaMseleku_

In the latest episode of Uthando Nes’thembu, Musa Mseleku expressed the challenges he will face if he goes ahead with taking on a fifth wife… one of the big ones is MaNgwabe leaving!

Living the life of a polygamist comes with a whole different set of challenges. While most think the wives just go with whatever the husband says…they could not be more wrong!


Sitting down to a nice family dinner, Musa brought up the topic of taking on another wife… a topic he knows does not sit well with MaNgwabe, MaKhumalo and MaYeni. MaCele is the only one who hasn’t said much against the idea.

While his current wives are not thrilled about him taking on another… Musa does not care, he is adamant on having a fifth wife!

Uthando Nes’thembu’s MaYeni made it clear that if Musa takes on another wife… she will not be treated like the other sister wives as she is not wanted.

MaNgwabe, on the other hand, took a firm stand against it, claiming she will pack her things and leave if Musa goes ahead with it. She refuses to stick around if wifey number five arrives!

MaYeni jumped on MaNgwabe’s bandwagon shortly after… claiming she too will leave. This did not settle well with Musa or MaCele.

Musa drew the line! He made it clear that he is the head of the household and that they can leave if they wish to do so, but he is taking on another wife!

“I don’t want anyone to leave, but I will not stop anyone from leaving.”

Musa Mseleku


Speaking to Daily Sun, Uthando Nes’thembu’s Musa said that he is looking for an independent woman who can hold her own. Wife number five must be a career-driven, boss babe!

 “She should be a lawyer, doctor or academic. I need an independent thinker, someone who is financially independent with her own views. She must be prepared to give me more children.

“This means I need at least seven wives in order to achieve my goal. At the moment, two of my wives are in support of my dream while two are against it. I will not be discouraged. I know I will fulfil this goal in good time.”

Musa Mseleku

The South African

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