Uzalo: Nomakhandlela A Threat To MaMlambo

Uzalo: Nomakhandlela A threat To MaMlambo

Nomakhandlela’s introduction has led to the brewing of a cold war in the Mhlongo Familly.

It didn’t go well with MaMlambo when Nkunzi casually announced that Nomakhandlela was his new woman and he was going to marry her.

After Nkunzi, MaMlambo who had become the number one wife was chucked out by Nkunzi, will now have to content for his affections with a younger Nomakhandlela.Uzalo

The Uzalo writers took us by surprise, we never thought there would be a new woman for Nkunzi, who was going to challenge MaMlambo.

Surprisingly, Nkunzi brought her into the family home without warning or telling MaMlambo beforehand.

He literally dropped a bomb on her.

Although most fans would argue that MaMlambo deserves it for doing the same to MaNgcobo, it really felt like an ambush.

MaMlambo’s protests fell on deaf ears as Nkunzi laid down the law for her and informed her that Nomakhandlela will be her sister wife and she will be sticking around.

The two women have been set on a war path, it’s like a blast from the past again with what happened between MaNgcobo and MaMlambo.

Nomakhandlela seems too eager to be Nkunzi’s new wifey, while MaMlambo is definitely repulsed by the idea.

Zama Khumalo, the actress who plays Nomakhandlela debuted this week after dropping a teaser video, that she would be Nkunzi’s new woman.

She took to Instagram to express her gratitude to the Uzalo family.

Wrote Zama

Psalm 20:4 “May HE give you all the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Thank you Heavenly Father🥺🙏.

Thank you to @uzalo_sabc1 for this amazing opportunity🙏. Thank you Insta family for the love and support🙏♥️. Let’s keep watching😁

One thing’s for sure, there will be war.

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