WATCH: Video Emerges Showing “Takeoff” After Being Shot As Quavo Cries In The Background 

Takeoff [Images: Twitter/NPR Podcast]

WATCH: Video Emerges Showing “Takeoff” After Being Shot As Quavo Cries In The Background 


Following the shocking death of rapper Takeoff in the early hours of Tuesday, video footage has since emerged showing the Migos rapper moments after he was gunned down.

The 28-year-old rapper, real name Kirshnik Khari Ball, was reportedly shot while he was with Quavo at a club in Houston, Texas. The shooting is reported to have occurred following disagreements over a dice game.

According to a report by TMZ, two other people were shot and taken to the hospital in private vehicles. It’s unclear what their conditions are. Quavo was not injured.



In some of the videos which have since emerged online, a distraught Quavo can be heard crying over the body of Takeoff.  In another video, Quavo can be seen bending over Takeoff and standing over his body in disbelief. Quavo can be heard saying, “My brother is gone.”

All the people nearby appear to be shell-shocked and seem immobilized. They make no moves to render aid to Takeoff.


Video Footage Showing Lifeless “Takeoff” As Quavo Cries In The Background Emerges
[Images: Twitter/PopBase]

Below is non-graphic video footage of Takeoff following the shooting at the Houston club on Monday night.



Reactions to the video have been sombre as Takeoff’s fans took to the comments section to express their heartbreak and pass their condolences.



“Damn man, that shit sound heartbreaking af 💔

“RIP Takeoff 🙏🏾

“Stay strong Qua I know this shit eatin homie up.”



“Damm he’s really gone.”



“This is beyond sad! Praying for his family.”



“Lord… please have mercy on us fr. 😔. It’s getting way too crazy.”



“They just walking around like it’s a dog on the ground no security cops nothing like howwwwww.”

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