A motorist was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly assaulted an officer from the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), and called him the “k-word”, despite his pleas denying it.

The incident was also caught on cellphone footage and has since been posted on social media.

The JMPD has confirmed the incident, which occurred at the corner of Dale and Modderfontein roads in Midrand on Tuesday morning.

In the video, which was recorded by passerby, Francois Nel, and which was posted to his Facebook page, the unknown white man is seen being pulled from his car.

The officers can be seen removing the man’s firearm while he demanded to know why he was being arrested. The man was then informed that he was resisting arrest.

“He slapped me in my face, can you please help me?” the man asks in the video.

The man continuously asked the metro officers, “On which grounds are you arresting me? I never called anyone that,” he claims.

Nel told News24 he stopped at the scene when he saw about 20 people surrounding the man’s car. “When I arrived on the scene, I heard police accusing the man of using the k-word,” Nel said.

Nel said after metro officers saw the man’s firearm, they then accused him of pointing it at them.

He said the man never took out his firearm.

By late on Tuesday evening the video had reached more than 16 000 views and more than 1 000 shares.

“The officer did not once say on which grounds they are arresting him, they only loaded him into the car,” Nel said.

However, JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, said a JMPD superintendent who was driving an unmarked vehicle stopped the driver of a Kia car for reckless driving.

“The driver showed the officer signs and called the superintendent the ‘K’ word,” Minnaar said.

Minnaar said after he also allegedly stabbed the superintendent in the neck with a car key, the driver of the Kia was arrested and his firearm removed.

He said a court date was not yet confirmed.

Source : News24


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