Viral Video Shakes South Africa: Kensington Police Face Backlash for Dragging Suspect Behind Police Car

In a shocking turn of events, Kensington officers arrested a man on drug-related charges and dragged him behind a police van in a scene that has left the public in disbelief.

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The Arrest and Altercation

The initial arrest unfolded when police confronted the suspect, who was accused of possessing cocaine and mandrax tablets. The man had reportedly discharged a firearm prior to the police’s arrival, escalating the situation.

As the officers apprehended the suspect, he resisted, resulting in a physical struggle. The police managed to gain control, handcuffing the man to the back door of their police van. This alarming sight drew a crowd of concerned residents who began shouting at the officers, witnessing the unfolding drama.


Kensington Police Drag The Suspect Behind The Police Van


Kensington Police Dragging Suspect
Kensington Police Face Backlash for Dragging Suspect Behind Police Car [Image: Bilqees Alexander/Facebook]


In a startling moment, the police officers swiftly entered their vehicle and drove away with the suspect still cuffed to the rear of the van. Desperate to free himself, the suspect attempted to run alongside the moving vehicle, but his efforts proved futile.

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The van continued to drag him, prompting horrified onlookers in Kensington to scream and chase after the van, hoping to halt this distressing ordeal. Regrettably, their pleas fell on deaf ears as the police sped away, dragging the helpless suspect behind them.

Watch the disturbing video below.



Police Statement Provides More Insight

Joseph Swartbooi, a spokesperson for the police, later confirmed the arrest and the drug-related charges against the suspect.

“Disgruntled community members started pelting the police officers with stones while the suspect was already handcuffed. The SAPS members drove to a safe area where they placed the suspect into the holding area of the SAPS vehicle.”

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