A flamboyant prophet belonging to one of the white garment apostolic churches left congregants in utter shock after performing a miracle or rather, magic.

The prophet aka Jerifanos Mthulisi is well known for boasting about his supernatural powers which God has endowed him with. His church, which is based under a ‘sacred tree’ in the wilderness. So extraordinary are his miracles that he boasts a very large following from the surrounding villages in Mdeni in the Eastern Cape. Jerifanos is well known for his healing, his prophecies and his rather vicarious way of worship.

On a particular gathering he told his believers that he was going to turn into a huge snake to demonstrate the holy powers he was endowed with.

Congregants flew into wild panic when the apostle turned into a huge snake and slithered towards them. No one was left sitting when the python advanced it’s way towards them. One unfortunate believer had the misfortune of being stifled by the beast and he was crushed to death.

“I have no words for what happened here. That man is a devil worshipper. No man of God does things like that!” one believer who was an eyewitness said furiously.
Perhaps the miracle went a bit too far because the snake was thrashing, hissing seemed like it wanted to attack the believers. Pythons are generally known to be non aggressive but this magic snake had all the makings of an angry beast.

No one stayed behind to witness the aftermath but if it believed the snake slithered into the bushes and no one has heard from apostle Jerifanos since.

Source: imzansi



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