Most professional strikers have taken a dive in the box to get a fowl and such theatrics are now even an accepted part of the modern game. But this goalkeeper in the South African league took a dive to get a fowl in his own box – straight at his opponent’s legs.

Maritzburg United goalkeeper Glenn Verbauwhede not only blatantly dived at the Golden Arrows player’s shins, but he then complained to the referee that he had been fowled.

True to the form of many of the world’s top attacking players, he fell to the ground clutching his face then got up immediately to accost the referee for not stopping the match for a free kick.

The brazen cheating made the opposing team so furious that it almost resulted in an all out brawl, with pointing and pushing before the players eventually calmed down.

It started with Verbauwhede refusing to kick the ball away from his feet, then taunting opponents to come and get it.

When one ran for the ball, he waited until the last moment then dived straight at the player’s shins, leaving the attacker confused and calling for the referee to intervene.

The game continued and Verbauwhede then did the same thing again.

As they attacker ran at him, this time at full speed, Verbauwhede waited for the opportune moment and launched himself nearly ten feet at his legs.

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