South African actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has left Mzansi worried after crying out for help. It appears that Pearl Thusi is going through a lot emotionally and is in need of a shoulder to lean on.

Pearl Thusi Cries Out For Help

A video shared on X formerly shows a frail-looking Pearl Thusi seated inside a moving car, recording herself.

In the short video clip, Pearl Thusi revealed that she is going through a lot of emotional distress and is in need of emotional support

Pearl Thusi cries out for help
Pearl Thusi cries out for help(Image Credit: Instagram @pearlthusi)


Pearl Thusi called on all her friends to come through to her place of residence and check up on her. While assuring everyone that she is fine, she expressed that she needs hugs to feel better. Pearl Thusi said;

“To all my friends who know where I live, I am ordering hugs, like  I am ordering support, emotional support. There is a lot of emotional damage, so l just need all my friends with my address this is an invitation for you to come and make sure l am fine. I don’t do this often so just please come and check up on me. I am fine l just need hugs..”


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Watch the video below as Pearl Thusi cries out for help;

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Pearl Thusi’s plea for emotional support surprised many, as people assumed she was doing well. In response to the video, social media users suggested she takes a break from social media to heal. Netizens also called on her friends to check up on her.


I hope she takes more time off and heal, not this thing of being naked online coz it opens more opportunities of her being dragged


She needs time of the lime light.. Uzoba right


I hope she heals from whatever is hurting her


I hope those close to her indeed check on her.

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