DISTURBING footage appears to show an elderly man who died while having s_ex being wheeled outside – with the p_rostitute he was making love to still attached.

The strange clip shows paramedics removing an alleged dead body on a hospital stretcher, complete with a moving silhouette of a woman still on top.

The woman and the old man are both hidden under a blue blanket, with a crowd of people congregating to watch on in horror.

The bizarre incident is believed to have taken place in China, although the exact location remains unknown.

Dying during s_ex is uncommon, however it is not unheard of and it can occur because of an increased strain on the heart while in the throes of passion.

The strain can lead to a sudden cardiovascular attack – and this is more common among men.

It is also possible to become ‘stuck’ to someone during a fumble. This rare event is known as ‘p_enis captivus’, which can occur when v_aginal muscles clamp down too firmly.

Combining this with the fact that when a p_enis is in the v_agina it becomes increasingly swollen, becoming stuck becomes even easier.

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