We Need A Break-Mohale

We Need A Break-Mohale

We Need A Break-Mohale

Somizi and Mohale Mhlongo-Motaung are some of the celebrities who endured it all in 2020.

From starting the year off with a white wedding and a TV special to losing a parent, facing a plagiarism scandal and countless rumours about their union, surely  the couple is in need of a little getaway.
We can all agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year and a number of us have gone through some trying times in the last 12 months.
Somhale (as they are affectionately known) have gone through more than just some concerns about the Coronavirus and making a living.
According to News365 Somizi and Mohale opened up on how they planned to wind down the year, as well as Mohale’s plans for the new year.

“I am planning to travel in January. My husband and I are planning to go somewhere outside the country. We still don’t know when because countries keep opening and closing but I definitely think that we do need a little bit of a break,” said Mohale.

As a new Mini Cooper South Africa ambassador and self-proclaimed lover of road trips, Mohale added that he was also keen to hit the road and find a local destination to visit.
According to Mohale, his main consideration when packing is his hats, which he feels complete his outfits.

As such, he has bought a lot of hat bags which he says he is able to fit into his luggage to help them maintain their shape. He also opts to travel with bags made of harder material so that they can withstand the travel conditions without messing up his hats.

Plans for the new year?

“Unfortunately, I cannot make any announcements yet but I am making another announcement on the 18th so I just want people to be on the lookout.”

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