Where Did Scandal Actor Chumani Disappear To?

Mzansi has wondered if Ayanda Daweti is still part of Scandal’s etvs drama series. We can all agree he has been off the screens of late, and we tend to wonder if he has already jumped off the ship or is not part of the current storyline.  The celebrated actor is best known for his on-screen character on Scandal as Chumani Langa. He was cast on the drama series as an untouchable son to the might Boniswa Langa character played by Lusanda Mbane.

However, in the mix of things, Chumani managed to set foot in the news agency business after purchasing a Scandal from Quiton Nyathi with the help of Dintle. We all have been wondering where he is? Absolutely, his unmatched acting talent has seen him become one of Mzansi’s finest.


However, in the wake of his newfound fame, the actor seems to have disappeared in thin air. In the wake of his break on small screens death, tricks have flooded social media, peddling that he might have hit hard times. But after all, these are just daring rumours. Despite all being said, the celebrated actor is alive and doing well; he seems to be focusing on his side hustles after taking a break on Scandal due to the storyline. Rest be assured the actor is still part of the star-studded cast of Scandal.

The actor is a card of all trades and master of all. Apart from acting Ayanda doubles as a musician; he dropped his debut album in 2019 in his mother’s dedication. Of interest is that his stage name happens to be the same name for his clothing line, Tuckshop Bafanaz.


A year after the untimely death of his mother, he lost his longtime girlfriend in a tragic car accident. However, he hogged the headlines in 2018 when he won the precious Golden Horn Award for the Best Made for TV Movie for his on-screen character in Okae Molao.

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