Why Lehasa Took A Break From Skeem Saam

Why Lehasa Took A Break From Skeem Saam

Why Lehasa Took A Break From Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam actor, Cedric Fourie has been fighting gay rumors for quite some time now.

These allegations emerged after he was seen hanging out with several gay media personalities such as Lasizwe, Phathu Makwarela (creator of The River), Bonga Percy Vilakazi (producer of The River) and so many more.

Why Lehasa Took A Break From Skeem Saam
Apparently, Lasizwe had developed feelings for the Skeem Saam actor and didn’t take the rejection well leading hm to kick Cedric Fourie off his reality show Fake It Till You Make It.
Cedric was crushed because he’s always considered Lasizwe part of his family LGBTQI+ family.
Lasizwe And Cedric Fourie

Cedric’s work has been affected by the end of their friendship leading to him asking for some time off Skeem Saam as his role requires a lot of energy and time.

 Cedric has always considered himself an LGBTQI+ Ally and denied he’s gay as he has a girlfriend and has a son with his ex-girlfriend, who is still heartbroken after Cedric broke up with her years ago following the birth of their son.

  His response to several media outlets a few years ago was:

“Don’t talk about things you don’t know. I’m LGBTQI+ Ally. “Don’t say “facts” when you can’t prove it. I help gay and lesbians have equal rights like all of us. Pictures don’t mean jack get your facts straight.”

Why Lehasa Took a Break From Skeem Saam

When Cedric walked the Feather Awards red carpet with YouTube and reality star Lasizwe Dambuza in 2018 that was the birth of the gay romours.

Many of Cedric fans have defended his haters out on their homophobic behaviours. Cedric also clapped back at trolls and put them in their place by reminding them and other homophobes what standing with the gay community is.

 Turning to Twitter, Lasizwe has shared how heartbroken he was that Cedric was no longer part of his life and is still battling to come to terms with it years later.

 Lasizwe tweeted, “I just found out that one of the people in my close circle is busy disclosing information I shared to him in confidence to the media.” And tweeted this week: “It ended in tears” when a follower asked him what happened between him and Cedric.

 Cedric is still befriends his other gay friends and has never commented on his friendship with Lasizwe because he doesn’t want unnecessary drama and attention.

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