1. It’s One Of The First Things Men Notice

Okay, so technically it is the second thing that men notice after they have probably taken a long gander at your boo_bs. Scientifically speaking, men apparently like scoping out how round your behind is after they assess how big or small your chest is. They like to know that they are getting the best of both worlds and furthermore, they like an almost perfect balance, to them it makes their women seem “complete”.

2.They Love To Grind
When you are in the club and your favorite song comes on, the first thing you do is look for a girl with a pretty face only to creep up behind her and use her behind to rub yourself up against. While it is a common dance move, it can sometimes make for an awkward situation. However, awkwardness aside, a man loves nothing more than to grind up on a woman without even having to ask her name. A big behind makes for a great grinding cushion; it fits perfectly into the guy’s hips and hits all the right spots. In any other setting, this would be ridiculously inappropriate.

3.It Shows Health And Vitality
Recently a study was done which stated that women with bigger behinds are a sign of a woman who are healthy and can bear children. When men see a woman with an hourglass figure, their narrow waist shows that they are not pregnant but their big bottoms show that they are very capable of having a healthy child and easy childbirth

4.Something To Grab Onto

Having a big behind means having something to hang on to. Men are visually stimulated normally but they also do not know how to keep their hands to themselves and when they see something they want to grab, they generally go for it (as long as it is permitted). A big behind is always something good to grab 0n to and if you have two handful worth of grabs, then you may be feeling more hands on your rear then you might like. The primitive move of grabbing a girl’s behind to show her how much you are into her seems to be back in full effect. Girls get ready to feel like a pin-cushion.

5.All The Songs They Love Involve Big Boo_ty

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit song Baby Got Back, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Destiny’s Child’s Boo_tylicious, Jennifer Lopez’s Boo_ty, Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, the list goes on and on and on. All the music we are bobbing our heads to today are boo_ty heavy; almost every rap song involves talking about a big ol’ behind and how sought after it is. There is no denying that our music is a huge influence and the videos that go along with those songs are heavy on the boot_y images. There is no way around it. It’s almost as if it’s burned into our minds. Maybe these guys are brainwashed?

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