#1 Feels Medical

It can remind girls of being at the doctor, that rubbery feeling entering them.

#2 Allergic Reaction

Many women have adverse reactions to the chemical used on the cond_oms, which can causing burning and lots of discomfort

#3 The Lube

Having to use water based lube is messy and unpleasant to most girls.

#4 They Break

Cond_oms break and when they do, it’s as good as wearing nothing.

#5 Latex Allergies

Some women have latex allergies and since latex is the strongest deterrent against STDs, women end up with yeast infections and more.

#6 The Smell Of Latex

Girls hate the way cond_oms smell and how they make them smell afterward.


#7 They’re Not 100%

And with all these negatives, they are not even 100% effective

#8 They Don’t Feel Like The Real Thing

This is self explanatory

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