A Soweto wife got the shock of her life when she came back from church to find her husband of 8 years bonking their 17 year old neighbour’s daughter.

Mam Shando , who happens to be a respected community member said on the day, she felt left home and her husband refused to go to church because he said he was not feeling well. While at church, she felt bad about leaving her sick husband at home and decided to go back home and take care of her sick husband.

Little did she know the husband had lied about his sickness to spend quality time with the neighbours daughter. Upon arrival, Mam Shando said she headed straight to the bedroom and walked in to find her husband sausage safely hidden in Boitumelo’s honey pot. The two ho_rny rabbits did not even stop when Mama Shando walked in as the husband had reached a point of no return. Only after he seeded in Boitumelo, did the husband react to a shell shocked Mam Shando.

A fracas ensued with Boitumelo quickly covering herself and taking refuge in the ensuite bathroom. When Boitumelo’s parents heard noise emanating from their neghbor’s house, they went to investigate and were shocked to find their daughter in the middle of the fracas.

“We thought she had gone to church” Boitumelo’s other said while pulling her daughter’s ear and promising to “deal with her ” once they got home.

In the mean time, Baba Shando just stood in confusion and could not even dress himself. Even his male member had wilted and hid in his sack.

When iMzansi crew arrived on scene to question Baba Shando he had  this to say : “I have need mos, she always complains of having a headache and I am man. I must bonk”

Mama Shando refused to comment.

Source : iMzansi


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