Wiseman Mncube Returns To “Uzalo” After Abrupt Departure, Denies Ever Getting Fired

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Wiseman Mncube Returns To “Uzalo” After Abrupt Departure, Denies Ever Getting Fired


Recently, Wiseman Mncube announced that he would be going back to Uzalo. Fans assumed he would never return after his abrupt departure from the show, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

He was temporarily removed from the show’s storyline because he was moving to the other telenovela, The Wife. His hands would have been packed with that, so he would have had to make a decision, but fortunately, the directors and producers of Uzalo understood that staying for The Wife would cause him to develop further his career more than it already has. Wiseman stated that one of the reasons he left was to concentrate on the role because he had to give it his all. After all, playing someone else’s part, especially one as great and beloved as Bonko Khoza, was not and has not been easy for him.


Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube -Image Credit: Instagram/Wiseman Mncube

However, he did state that he would return to Uzalo in 2023, but he did not specify when. He stated that he would return to the show the following year, which makes sense given that his wife is currently filming the show’s final season, which will end soon. Fortunately, he will have a backup plan. As revealed, Uzalo is now firing actors left, right, and centre. Not only that, but many of them are also quitting without notice, which doesn’t bode well for the show, which is one of the most watched in Mzansi. As a result, many of his fans on Instagram and Twitter began believing he had been fired.

He performed to the highest degree in the role of Sibonelo on Uzalo, the son of Nkunzi, a notorious gangster in the KwaMashu town. Masoja Msizi(Nkunzi) and Wiseman Mncube seemed to have the best chemistry as father and son on screen, and they were a duo to reckon with. The SABC fans are eagerly awaiting his return.

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