A Northern Cape family last week woke up to a witchcraft scare when they discovered a woman in their secured yard with six bags of meat!

Nomthandazo Sichaba was discovered moving about the Dube homestead at around 5am while holding plastic bags with fresh meat. So suspicious was the meat that people even failed to ascertain whether it was game meat or otherwise.

Nomthandazo, who is believed to be around 35 to 40 years of age, alleged that she had come all the way from Vaal and had been left by her colleagues at the house in the dead of the night.

Her friends she operates with in the dead of the night, she alleges, were busy looking for her after she was left at the house by her friends or rather ‘partners’.

Not only did she have meat but she said she had been partying at a hotel the night before she mysteriously found herself the Brandvlei house. It seems as the party continued, Esnath and friends decided to retire for their Vaal homes but alas she could not reach her destination as she was found trapped in stranger’s homestead.

The Dube family said they had a horrible night as they were always switching off their alarm from 2am – presumably the time Nomthandazo and friends were hovering around their homestead.

“We had a torrid time from around 2am as we continuously switched off our alarm which went on regularly but our investigations yielded nothing. I believe it was the time Nomthandazo and friends were moving around our yard but we could not see them,” said Dunmore Dube – a son to the Dubes.

He said a school-going kid saw the alleged witch at the house at around 5am as he prepared to go to school and inquired what she wanted but the ‘stranger’ remained quiet.

“When we suspected that this could have something to do with witchcraft we sprinkled salt on her and she readily opened up saying she had come from Vaal. She said they had been partying but refused to divulge the source of the meat and its type. Beating her never yielded anything as she was in trance. It was only after we used salt that she opened up,” said Dunmore.

The young man also reportedly produced a pistol to scare the woman into talking but even at gunpoint, the woman remained mum. Dunmore said they later took her to the police station where multitudes gathered as they wanted to catch a glimpse of the ‘night rider’ and the mysterious stinking meat.

“We do not know her and we are surprised as to how she got into our homestead considering the high security wall and spikes around the wall. There are no indications whatsoever that she struggled to get into the yard,” said Dunmore.

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