Every time Nandi tried to run away from her witch doctor husband she started having delusions where it would seem like the exits in the house were disappearing.

Nandi lamented that she was a prisoner during the time she was married to the witch doctor from .

“He took me when I was still a teenager, I had come to his house to seek treatment as I had many bad spirits tormenting me” she narrates.

“He immediately told me that the only way I could be safe was to marry a healer and he asked that I become his wife. I was naive, I wanted to get better, this sickness was ruining my life”

Nandi recalls that she seemed to get better while married to this witch doctor but he warned her that should she try to leave him bad things would start happening.

“I came to my senses and decided that he had taken advantage of me, it was time to leave. Nandi claims every time she tried to leave while he was absent the doors and the windows in the house would seem like they were disappearing and she would just go around the house in despair looking for an exit until she gave up.

When outside she would start seeing snakes and birds attacking her whenever she tried to leave. At one point she had to be admitted to the hospital when neighbors thought she was insane as she kept screaming and running around the house.

“That’s when I met the pastor praying for patients at the hospital and I asked him to pray for me” she recalls that it took several other pastors to get rid of the spirit that was binding her to the witch doctor.

“I never  saw him or heard from him again, I lived like a prisoner for years with that man”

The witch doctor moved from his original shrine and no one knows where he is staying now.


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