A 63-year-old man, Khewi Hlongwane, is being charged with murder after kil_ling his 16-year-old stepdaughter, Nandipha Nkuna, for ritual purposes.

The accused was said to have connived with another accomplice, Mkhuseli Shabangu (54), to commit the crime in the bushes about 10km away from their homestead.

Khewi confessed that he connived with Mkhuseli to do away with his step daughter because the 16-year-old girl was allegedly always stealing her mother’s money.

He said, “The mother said we should kill her as a sacrifice for other children she had so they wouldn’t take on this bad behaviour. Since they live in the rural areas Nandipha usually slept alone next to the kitchen.

“On that day, around 12 midnight, I invited Mkhuseli, and we dragged the girl to his car which he had parked a safe distance away. Upon our arrival. Mkhuseli held her in a tight clinch while I proceeded to strang_le her” he said in an official statement to the police.

Afterwards they drove to a herbalist who paid them R10000 to extract certain body organs from the deceased girl.

The police quickly rounded up the herbalists after arresting the two men and he is being charged with conspiracy to commit murder and being an accessory after the fact




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