Woman Caught CheatingSekai Savanhu

Unrepentant Adulteress: Woman Caught Cheating with Husband’s Best Friend for the Second Time (Pictures)

In a tale that proves a leopard never changes its spots, a Zimbabwean woman has been caught once again engaging in an adulterous affair with her husband’s best friend.

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Initial Scandal

The woman, Sekai Savanhu, first made headlines in December last year when explicit pictures and videos of her were leaked, revealing her illicit relationship with her husband’s friend. Despite the public humiliation and shame this brought to her family, Sekai unashamedly continued her affair with the same man. You can view the pictures here.

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Woman Caught With Husband’s Best Friend Again

This time, Sekai’s husband, Casper Savanhu, caught the two in a compromising position when he unexpectedly returned home at night. Enraged, Casper began beating his wife, while his friend managed to escape.

Undeterred, Casper then took the risk of crossing over to DZ Extension at night to confront his friend at his own house, in front of his unsuspecting wife.

“Casper caught them red-handed at night when he came home late. He then started beating his wife after his friend escaped. He then took the risk to cross over to DZ from Extension at night and headed straight to his friend’s house and confronted him in front of his wife,” a source told H-Metro.

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Final Straw

Casper even went as far as telling his friend that he was done with Sekai and was going to bring her to his friend’s house so they could stay together.

“It is said that he even made it clear that he is going to bring Sekai to his friend’s house so that they stay together as he is done with her. He then went on to confront Sekai’s best friend,” the source added.

The source further revealed that Sekai has shown no remorse or effort to change her ways, despite being caught cheating three times before.

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