Ben 10 Exposes Sugar Mama To Hubby

An angry Ben 10 decided to turn up the heat by exposing his ex sugar mama to her hubby as a form of revenge.
Siphelani, who happens to be also university student, had been in a 2 year old affair with his sugar mama until she decided to end things without explanation. He sent her husband all the provocative pictures of his wife wearing little to no clothes.

“She basically took care of him both materially and emotionally so her ending things with him must’ve been was obviously hard. He had a lot to lose” a close source said.

According to the same source the sugar mama started ignoring Siphe’s calls and went as far as blocking him thus cutting any form of communication with him.
“I think he felt really used and perhaps he was getting emotionally attached to her”

Siphe has since declined to comment but friends said he was thrilled and he boasted about ‘fixing her’

His sugar mama is facing a divorce from her humiliated husband.


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