A Manenberg woman said she bit off more than she could chew when she found a mouse in her pie.

And Carmelita Pienaar believes she may have been poisoned by the steak and kidney – and rodent – pie she bought at Woolworths in Adderley Street, Cape Town, on Monday.

She said: “I’ve been feeling itchy and have rashes on my body.”

The 31-year-old said she bought three pies at Woolies, but the one left a nasty taste in her mouth.

“I was in town to visit my friend and I said to her I lus (I am in the mood) for a mutton curry and a steak and kidney from Woolworths,” Pienaar said.

“My friend bought a chicken and mushroom pie and then we went to the Plaza to sit down and eat.”


As her buddy bought another chip roll at a café, Pienaar finished off the mutton curry pie.

But she got a nasty surprise when she sank her teeth into the steak and kidney pie.

“I didn’t take the pie out of the packet, but I knew something was wrong because it didn’t feel or taste right. And when I broke the pie open I saw the mouse,” she said.

Pienaar said that people at the café were also in shock and took pictures which they posted on social media.

She and her friend returned to Woolworths.

“While we were waiting for the manager, I asked to use the bathroom and then I vomited,” Pienaar said.

She said her horrified friend complained for almost an hour before the manager came to see them.

The manager reimbursed her for the pie, and “gave her R350 to go and see a doctor”.

Pienaar said: “I made a complaint with them and I am going to Gatesville Medical Centre again, because I think I did bite into it [the mouse].

“They took the pie from me and said that they would send it for tests, but when my friend asked who is their supplier, they didn’t want to give us the details,” she added.

The Daily Voice contacted Woolworths for comment and in a statement, the company replied: “The product has been received from the customer and is currently undergoing investigation.”

Source : DailyVoice


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