A shocking video is doing the rounds showing a woman performing cesarean operation on her pregnant sister who had died on admission to hospital.

According to eye witnesses, the heavily pregnant woman died on admission to hospital and doctors refuse to touch the dead corpse.

Koumate Monique, 31 died horribly on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at Laquantinie hospital in the town of Douala,Cameroon.According to reports, she experienced severe contractions on her way to the hospital,and after about an hour of not being attended to,for lack of money ,she gave up the ghost at the hospital entrance .

The doctors refuse to touch corpse to extract the babies who were struggling and severely kicking for air .The sister of the dead lady decided then do the operation without any medical experience. With a blade she bought at a near by pharmacy, she got out the first baby who was already dead ,the second who was breathing,died shortly after…

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