A woman has claimed that her husband pours an unknown substance into her private part before sleeping with her.

Aduke Mustapha, 44, is reported to have said that each time she asked her husband what the substance was, he responded by saying it was anointing oil meant to protect him from sudden death.

Aduke made the claims at the  customary court in Limpopo,  where her husband, Yaya Mustapha, 67, filed for divorce on the basis that the wife tried to kill him, according to a report.

The husband is said to have claimed that after a failed attempt by his wife to poison him 13 years ago, he stopped eating her food and sleeping with her.

He prayed the court to grant him a divorce, saying that he could no longer live with her.

Aduke, a mother of three who had been married to Yaya for 22 years, denied that she had tried to kill him and take over his property.

She prayed the court not to grant the divorce because she still loved the man.

The court, however, granted the divorce on the grounds that both parties could no longer live together.

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