A Hamanskraal woman will forever rue the day she went to a Mavuso party after being hijacked and repeatedly ra_ped by three men.

Tshidi Malatji of Hamanskraal who is a mother of three and doubles up as a thing vendor says she was invieed by her friend, Thili, to the Mavuso party.

Mavuso is township slang for money given to a woman after she had spent a night having s_ex with a man. At the stokvel gatherings, an amount for the week is announced to be paid by each member.

Subsequent negotiations take place between the member and a woman of his choice. They then agree on a certain fee for spending the night together. They party or attend social functions together as a couple before retreating to a love nest. Mavuso is held alongside another s_ex gathering, known as No Panties.

On this fateful day, Tshidi said Mavuso was set at R250 and she met this handsome man who bought her a case of castle lite and as her to accompany him to his house for the night. ” We went to his house in Mamelodi and when we got there he showed me to his bedroom. I went in there and five minutes later, he came with two other men and said I had to sleep with all of them at the same time” the woman recounts.

She said they told her she had to oblige or else they were going to kill her. She recalls how she refused at first but was instantly beaten up and lost two front teeth. “I thought they were going to kill me” she said.

Her horror continued for 3 hours with the men continuously ra_ping her and telling her ‘she asked for it and R250 was too expensive”

She managed to escape and refused to report to the matter to the police because she could not remember where the house was.

Source : iMzansi



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