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A Harare woman sues her ex for $15 000 in damages after he broke his promise to marry her after he took her virginity by force. He is also being accused of turning his girlfriend into a mere s_ex object, following a violent encounter that left her deeply traumatized. The woman, who graduated from the University of Zimbabwe and works for a prominent company, claims the incident has led to ongoing psychological struggles.

The Alleged Incident

According to court documents, the woman states that she was lured into a relationship by Tatenda Parwaingira, who took her virginity during their first visit to his home in Harare. She recounts the harrowing experience in her court statement:

“He forcefully pushed me onto his bed. Despite my efforts to resist, he overpowered me. He tore my underwear and forced himself on me. I was helpless and began crying, but he covered my mouth and told me to be quiet, fearing others would hear.”

She describes how the assault left bloodstains on his bed, and although she initially threatened to report the incident to her family and the police, Parwaingira’s pleas and promises of marriage convinced her to remain silent. He reassured her, saying, “Don’t you see that you are very beautiful and you are wife material? Please, don’t take any action because I’m promising you that I will marry you.”

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Promises and Betrayal

Despite these assurances, the promise of marriage never materialized. The woman claims that, during their time together, she endured significant abuse before Parwaingira ultimately ended the relationship. Seeking justice, she brought her case to both Chief Seke’s traditional court and the Harare Civil Court.

Chief Seke found Parwaingira guilty of exploiting the woman as a s_ex object, instructing her to seek damages in the Civil Court. The judgment emphasized that she lost her virginity during the assault at his home, and Parwaingira’s promise of marriage was made to pacify her concerns.

Civil Court Proceedings

The subsequent civil court documents detail the events following the initial assault. The woman was initially instructed by her parents to return to Parwaingira’s residence. Eventually, she was moved to stay with his uncle and later his sister while he purportedly finalized their marriage plans.

However, Parwaingira ultimately reneged on his promise, informing both his family and the woman that he no longer intended to marry her, providing no substantial reason for his decision.

“As a result of being seduced into pre-marital sex and losing her virginity, the plaintiff suffered damages which she is entitled to claim from the defendant. Additionally, she incurred expenses due to the breach of promise and suffered significant emotional distress.”

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Claim for Damages

The woman is now seeking compensation for the damages she sustained. Her claim includes:

  • Seduction damages amounting to US$5000.
  • General damages for breach of promise to marry totalling US$10,000.

This case highlights the severe impact of broken promises and the abuse of trust, bringing to light the legal recourse available for victims of such traumatic experiences.

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