A 22 year old  woman, only identified Ashley , gave birth to a baby on May 8, around 9:30pm at home in Joburg, then she proceeded to flush her newborn baby down the toilet, after which she put the child in a pillowcase, before leaving the baby for dead in a hospital trash can.

Ashley has now been arrested and charged with attempted murder. She is facing the new charge in addition to a previous charge of child endangerment according to police.

Fortunately, a house maid employee found the newborn alive a short while later, but the baby’s condition is currently unknown.

Ashley, who resides in the leafy suburbs in Joburg admitted to police officers that she had left the child in the trash because the child was colored and she did not want people to know she slept with a black man. “My family would never had accepted a colored child so I decided to dump the baby”

She said after giving birth in her and putting her child in the trash, she cleaned up and left the scene.

When police officers found her, she told them that she was ashamed to give birth to a colored child after a one night stand 9 months ago.

Source : iMzansi


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