COMEDIAN, musician and fashion designer Thabo Mahlare held another fa_rting competition over the weekend.

On Saturday nyaope smokers gathered at Mahube Complex in Mamelodi, Tshwane, to fa_rt into a microphone.

Much to the disgust of some shoppers, but delighting others, the only woman contender, Portia Mahlangu (31) walked away with the first prize of R200.

Thabo, also known as Behind Bars, told Daily Sun he was trying to keep nyaope smokers busy so they could do something other than get high.

“I’m giving them a chance to show their talents and give them confidence as members of the community,” he said.

Before the competition started the contestants were given boiled eggs, custard, full cream milk and fried chicken.

Portia said: “If it wasn’t for the food I don’t think I would have fa_rted the loudest. I thought as a girl my chance of winning was slim but the guys were not even close to my fa_rt. After fa_rting I went to check the speakers because I thought they might have torn because of how loud it was.

“I’m going to buy my four kids sweets and snacks with the money I won. Behind Bars monitors us to make sure we don’t buy nyaope with the prize money.”

Behind Bars said he planned to hold the competition every month.

Source : DailySun


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