A woman addicted to consuming air freshener has been told by doctors she risks losing her life over her toxic habit.

Evelyn, 27, cannot go a day without spraying air freshener in her mouth and even drinks it over ice.

There’s only one scent that she needs and it’s fresh linen because all the other flavours just don’t cut it.

Going through up to 20 cans a week Evelyn declares on TLC series My Strange Addiction : “I love air freshener. I’ve got to have fresh linen, I literally crave it. In the last three years, there is not a day gone by where I’ve not had it.”

The mum-of-two from Missouri has been consuming the flammable fluid for years, admitting that her addiction got worse after the death of her mother.

Evelyn says the scent reminds her of her mother’s cooking adding: “That was kind of my escape, just to have that air freshener there.”

She decided to visit a doctor to find out if her fondness for scented sprays is causing any lasting damage.

Evelyn is not prepared for the reaction of one doctor who breaks down in tears as he tells her she is slowly killing herself.

Gastroenterologist Robert McMahon says: “She needs to make a choice whether she is going to continue with this addiction or whether she is going to continue being a mother, because this is not going to end well.”

Even Evelyn’s fiancé Ricky is worried for his future wife, but admits that he sometimes drinks it just to keep her happy.

“It’s nasty it’s disgusting, but she loves it and I love her so therefore I have to deal with it,” an understanding Ricky says.

“I do want her to stop. But I can’t expect her to break the habit.”

Evelyn vows to give up her strange addiction after hearing the doctor’s advice: “It’s really hard. My goal is not to die from this.

“Hearing that I was going to die from this if I didn’t stop. It hit me really hard. It was kind of a blow to the chest. I’ve got to stop drinking air freshener,” she declares.

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