Here are female struggles that girls go through almost everyday that men will never understand:

1). High Heels

They look great but the toes feel like they’re constipated. And yes, someone should start online lessons on how to walk in heels.

2). Periods

Whoa! Where do I start with this? This is the mother of all female struggles, from painful cramps to mood swings to that huge pimple that appears on the forehead…and thank God for the inventor of tampons. Wearing a pad on a hot day is like a punishment, it almost feels like you’re wearing a warm, wet diaper and you constantly have to keep wondering if your clothes are ‘safe’ every time you sneeze, even worse when you’re wearing white clothes when it’s that time of the month.

3). Getting ready for an event

Yeah we take ages cause we have to make sure that we look our best. Even worse, when you text your girl “What are you wearing?” and her reply determines whether or not you’ll start ironing that wet dress outside…cause it’s your favorite. Worse still, thinking you look your best only to ask your roommate, siblings or boyfriend “how do I look?”, and they give you a funny look, after which you go back to square one

4). Yeast infections

Do you know how embarrassing and uncomfortable it is to wake up with an itchy ******?! Or how expensive Gynecologists are? Or how embarrassing it is to spread your legs for the doctor? Or having to wonder whether the secretions you have are normal or not, all this, just because the PH level down there changed or because we are stressed or some bullshit like that. SMH

5).  Pregnancy

Yeah … I bet men can only imagine what it’s like having a life growing inside you and carrying it around for 9 months. Or the struggle of trying not to get pregnant and figuring out which birth control works best for you or why the one you’re currently using is making you fat or the struggle of buying an emergency pill on a Sunday morning and the pharmacy ladies are looking at you with a judge-y look.

6.) We have to buy make-up, and yes we need that 20th pair of shoes …


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